July 20, 2009

Obama White House Greetings

After recently celebrating an anniversary, I remembered that we can ask the President of the United States to send signed greeting cards for special events and accomplishments. For instance, if you wanted Granny to get a b-day card from the Prez for her 80th birthday, then you'd just have to request one.

Under the Bush Administration there was an easy online form to submit the request. Now, however, it's a little more laborious. Although the Obama White House website is pretty cool and relevant (it has links for Twitter, Facebook, iTunes, YouTube, etc.) it lacks the easy request process. There's not even any information about the White House Greetings Office.

Until they update the "Greetings" portion of the website, this is what you'll need to do to request a card for:

- Birthday greetings to those 80 years and older.

- Anniversary greetings to couples celebrating 50, 60, 70 or more years of marriage.

- Weddings (after the event)

- Baby's birth or adoption (baby born or adopted during the Obama administration)

- Eagle Scout Award or Girl Scout Gold Award

- Bar or bat mitzvah or the equivalent, such as a confirmation

- Condolence

- Serious illness

- Retirement (30 years or more)


- Name and home address of honoree(s); include form of address such as Mr., Miss, Dr., etc.

- Exact date of the occasion (month, day, year)

- Age (for birthdays)

- Number of years married (anniversaries)

- Number of years worked at retirement. Also include where the person is retiring from.

- Wedding (include couple's married name and address)

- Baby's birth or adoption (include baby's date of birth and full names and addresses of baby and parents)

- Your name and phone number

- Any specific mailing instructions, if other than to honoree's address


- Requests need to be received at the White House six weeks prior to the event.

- Greetings will be mailed from the White House about 10 days before the event. (Wedding and baby acknowledgments are sent after the event).


- Online HERE (which is just a Contact page). Type "Greetings request" in the message box. Give the required details for the greeting.

- U.S. mail:

The White House

Attn: Greetings Office,

Washington, DC 20500

or you can fax it to: 1 (202) 456-2461


July 17, 2009

Birthday Postcards

"Inspiration comes of working every day." Charles Baudelaire

July 16, 2009

Thank You Postcards

Recently only available to bike shops and at expos - Skeese Greets bike chain postcards! You get 5 to a pack and here are the three Thank You styles currently available on Etsy.com. Soon they'll be listed at Skeese.com.


July 13, 2009

You Rock - Bicycle Chain Magnet

The stock of the popular "You Rock" magnet has been depleted. But never fear! more will become available on June 22. The magnet, with the bike chain design, is a great gift idea or a cool way to spice up your cubicle or fridge. This magnet and two others are available on the Skeese Greets website or Etsy.com website.


July 10, 2009

Weekend Warrior: Couples Tri

Five hundred "Couples" (1000 people total) will be toeing the line in Austin on Sunday for the annual Couples Triathlon. Skeese Greets has, in the past, donated cards for the race packets but failed to get it done this year. Packaging 1000 individual cards to be included in race packs is a VERY time consuming process. Instead we donated some graphic design, race day volunteering, and will also send out "Thank You" cards to sponsors and others.

If you're still interested in signing up for the 800 m swim, 11.2 mile bike and 3.1 mile run, you can do so at packet pickup today and tomorrow at Jack & Adam's Bicycles. You don't necessarily need a partner for the event, but it does make it more fun!

When you're out there this weekend, be sure to take some shade under the awesome Skeese hot pink tent! It's amazing the difference a little shade will do when temps soar into triple digits.


July 9, 2009

Featured Bike Art: PalePink

PalePink, an artist out of Denmark, is creating some great items out of discarded bicycle inner tubes. The journals, jewelry, and wallets are all made of what otherwise would be destined for the landfill.

The small inner tube journal is 3.1 x 4.7 inches and the medium is 4.3 x 5.9 inches. Both have 360 blank pages, a felt inside lining and an elastic band to keep 'em closed. Many colors are available, as seen below.

Also available in the PalePink Etsy shop are really cool necklaces made of tubes, like the one shown here:

You can check out all the latest PalePink creations on the PalePink BlogSpot and Flickr accounts.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge…” Albert Einstein


July 6, 2009

Skeese Screen Savers

Now you can find a tab on the Skeese Greets main website for free screen savers! There are currently only 3 available, but look for at least 1 new one each month. All of the screen savers will be similar to the current bike chain designs.

Here's the new one from today:


July 2, 2009

Now Available at reCYCLED Bike Art

If you're looking for a great bike themed gift to go with your Skeese Greets bike chain cards, now you can get both at reCYCLED Bike Art. Besides selling their cool clocks, belt buckles and awards made from bike parts, you can also purchase a Skeese Greets card directly from them! Gift shopping made easy!