September 9, 2008

Love For the Weirdos

To all the weirdos out there, today is your special day - it's Wonderful Weirdos Day! And by "weirdo" we're talking about the good ones, not the psychopath, dangerous or vicious ones. This day was created by Tom & Ruth Roy of Lebanon, Pennsylvania of Wellcat Holidays to celebrate the people in our lives who remind us to think outside the box. If it weren't for the wonderful weirdos out there, we wouldn't have some of the music, art, books and movies that enrich our lives every day. We even have two races in Austin that celebrate weirdness: The Keep Austin Weird 5k and the Bizarro Du. So say "thanks" to these people on their special day, because our lives would be kinda boring without 'em.

Maybe you're the weird one; see how "normal" you are


Quote of the Day: “Everything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973)


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